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Joey Ro

Born & bred in ATX

Joey Ro came to life as a way for devoted dog moms and crazy cat ladies to unabashedly share their love for their pet with all they encounter. We're committed to offering well-crafted products that reflect your personal style and your special bond with your pet.

Alfie, CEO

Joey Ro owes everything to our CEO, Alfie. As our primary model, product tester, and HR manager, his visionary leadership guides the decisions we make. As a former stray dog wandering the streets of Austin, he's excited to needy pets like he once was. When he isn't posing, you can find Alfie chasing tennis balls and trying his darnedest

to catch a squirrel.


Nicole, Assistant to CEO

Nicole is Alfie's proud dog mama. Like most assistants, she does the majority of the work. And she loves every minute of it. With a background in design, marketing and tech and a longtime lover of animals, Joey Ro couldn't be a better fit for her passions. When not occupied with the thousands of things required to get Joey Ro off the ground, she practices yoga, travels, and works for a wonderful tech startup.

Giving back

We would not be here without the generosity of kind souls who dedicate their time to improve the lives of abandoned animals, like Alfie once was. Therefore, a portion of all Joey Ro profits will be donated to a rotating list of animal welfare organizations around the world. We will also be partnering with rescue organizations to help get their shelter pets adopted to loving homes.

Some of our friends from Austin Cocker Spaniel Rescue

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