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When and where can I buy Joey Ro products?

We'll be officially offering pre-sales when we launch our crowdfunding campaign in September. Add your name to the list below to be notified and get in on exclusive offers.

How did you come up with this?

Nicole has had a long history of putting her pets in clothing and has been in search of the perfect twinning combo she and Alfie could proudly wear together. Nothing seemed to fit the bill, so they decided to make it happen.

How can we partner together?

Drop us a line! We're interested in any and all ways to collaborate with out pet-centric, women-centric, or just ec-centric people and brands.

Are you hiring?

We will be in the future! Would love to hear from you if you're interested in joining the team.

Are your products just for dogs?

No! The smallest size is designed to fit cats too. We can't promise they'll wear them with as much delight as their canine counterparts, but we think it's worth the try :)

What are the sizes of your collars?

Right now, we're offering them in: Small | 9.5- 13.5 in. neck circumference | Fits dogs and cats 5-20 lbs Medium | 14-18 in. neck circumference | Fits dogs 20-60 lbs Large | 17.5 -21.5 in. neck circumference | Fits dogs 60-80 lbs

Need more models?

Always! Contact us if you're in the Austin or Houston area.

Will you be offering more prints?

Yes! Upon launch, there will be a small catalogue of cute prints to choose from. We plan to offer seasonal and thematic prints that will keep y'all relevant and let you express yourselves.

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