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Introducing our CEO, Alfie, & his plans for Joey Ro

Strolling the mean streets of Austin back in 2013, little did Alfie Doodle (formerly known as "Doolittle") know that his life was about to change forever when he was scooped up and put into a foster home with the wonderful organization, Austin Cocker Spaniel Rescue. He had been a stray, and we still don't know why! It was love at first sight when his now momma/Executive Assistant– met him at a "Meet the Cockers" event. Now a very dapper doggo, we can hardly recognize his former unkempt self.

Shaggy Alfie Doodle from back in the day when he went by "Doolittle"
Circa 2013 at Meet the Cockers, pre-inaugural grooming

Fast-forward 7ish years, and Alfie's living his best life. From the beaches of South Carolina to the coasts of California, Alfie's made his way around the United States, making friends with all who cross his path (except delivery people...). Alfie graduated Dogma Cum Laude from Austin Dog Alliance's Pet Therapy 6 Week Training with the aspiration to be volunteer of joy with his Executive Assistant/mom at hospitals. He's brought his skills and experience to multiple mission-critical roles including Emotional Support Animal and VP of Snuggles. He's been awarded wings from American Airlines and DMs from a gaggle of international fans.

Alfie wearing glasses and working
Working hard as the VP of Snuggles

When Alfie isn't working, he enjoys foam rolling with his tennis balls, posing for selfies, and chairing his international fan club. His favorite activities are throwing shade, barking at Amazon delivery drivers, and pitter pattering for his favorite treats which include organic, homegrown carrots and cucumbers. His favorite TV shows are RuPaul's Drag Race, Broad City, and This is Us. The show he most relates to is Silicon Valley. He often feels like a Monica in a Russ Hanneman's world.

It's hard to live in Austin, TX and not be inspired to start your own business. "Keep Austin Weird" is an ode to the local entrepreneurs that make Austin uniquely charming. We identified the opportunity for Joey Ro after a rude encounter with a velcro dog bowtie that irritated Alfie's neck. We wanted an alternative option that would stay put and wear comfortably. From there, we devised the mix and match system of the Joey Ro collar and accessories. Marrying form with function, we hope to bring our unique sense of style and joie de vivre to furbabes and the people who love them. We've designed Joey Ro to offer both personal joy and social good. A portion of all sales go to handpicked causes including animal protection and human rights.

Soft-launched via Indiegogo in 2019, we put a paws on our puperations this past year and spent time reflecting on improvements we should make to Joey Ro v20.21. Here's what to expect: original, exclusive prints, sustainable materials, and an easy ordering system. Our target relaunch is Spring 2021, and we'd love to keep you posted on our progress. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop & follow us on social👇👇!

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