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The Collar


Classic Style

Our signature collar is made with top grain leather, solid cast hardware, and features precision stitching to offer pets something better to wear around their necks everyday.


Game Changer

Form meets function with the clever design of the collar. Low profile snaps line the inward side, allowing pet mamas and dads to easily swap out bow ties and bandanas on whim without bothering their fur babe. 


Made to Pair

The collar looks great without accessories, but it's next-level and extra in the best way when you pair it with a bow tie or bandana that fits perfectly around it. No velcro, no loosey goosiness, and no falling off or unraveling.

For Dogs and Cats

Sure, dogs are the life of the party. But cats are not chopped liver. So if you're ready to upgrade your feline's style, rest assured that our XS collar will fit and get y'all ready to accessorize like the most gregarious canines around.


These accessories are seriously legit and way too cute! Zeppelin and I love matching!


Ollie is my son and BFF. I'm so excited about our new look. He loves it too!


Ahh! This is such a fun way to spoil Leo and show off my obsession with him!!

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